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Freelance Namer

We are always looking for naming talent.

We’ve found that – to be a great namer – there is no “correct” skill set. In fact, the greatest insights often come from people outside of the marketing world. We look for diversity of backgrounds and experiences and an ear for consumer trends.

Above all, you must be open-minded, daring, original, and able to channel the daringly original thoughts that flow through that open mind into words that are packed with meaning and energy.

To learn more, email with a personal statement about your background and interest in naming to be considered for our team.

Become an agency ally

As our name suggests, naming is all we do. We believe that it’s important enough to demand the focus of a team that does nothing but.

But names are only as powerful as the insights that fuel them, and the marketing that supports them. So we routinely partner with up- and down-stream agencies, working closely to ensure that (a) the names we create are most effective at capturing brand objectives and seizing market opportunities, and (b) that the vision built into every name is realized in every articulation at every future touch point.

We have worked closely with agencies of the following specialties:

Innovation and Product Development
Research and Brand Planning
Brand Identity and Design
Full-service Branding and Advertising
PR and Social Marketing
Digital and Mobile
Search Marketing

If you share our vision for the powerful role of naming in the process of brand development, we’d love to work with you.

The best first step is a meeting to exchange philosophies and capabilities. Contact if you’d like to chat.