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The Naming Group is an Los Angeles-based brand naming agency serving global clients across all industries.

It's important business. Because a name doesn't just define a product - it positions it. Touts its relationship with the company that created it, and other products around it. It isn't just a label, but a non-stop brand bullhorn.

To us, "naming" includes deciding on a name. That's why, before creating names, we align with corporate leadership on strategic decisioning criteria. And after creating names, we work side-by-side with our clients to evaluate them against our criteria and select the right one. It seems like an obvious way for a naming agency to behave, but strangely, it's not how most of them do...

An Energy Crisis

Power companies generate a lot of electricity. But if they didn't also offer a way to channel that energy from their plants to your light bulbs and TVs, you'd be a lot less likely to pay them for it.

And yet! Big, innovating companies routinely pay naming agencies to generate long lists of names, without a path to selecting one that will best energize their brands. Without clear-cut communication objectives. With nothing to inform decisions but some creative sparks and gut instincts. You might call it wasted energy. (Or, naming in the dark.)


Our clients don't hire us merely to create names. They hire us to develop big-picture naming strategy, create names and jointly make decisions that advance their brand.

We become an in-house out-of-house partner: as much expert counsel as we are creatives. We don't only create effective names, but help clients know great names when they see them: guiding the right practices - and creating a culture in their organization - needed to select names with strategic purpose.

It works! Our names consistently broadcast clear, brand-advancing messages. And our client teams enjoy the confidence and convenience of knowing how and why to choose the right brand name.


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