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Name Development

Name Development is our process of creating individual brand names for products, offerings, or corporations. While often mistaken as a purely creative undertaking, naming should always be a strategic process, adhering to a strategic plan from beginning to end.

Our approach is based on a close relationship with our client partners. We are engaged early on, and guide the team through development, evaluative screenings, and decisioning until the final name is selected. We do it in four stages: Discovery, Planning, Creation, and Decisioning.

Before any names are created, we align all key decision-makers around decisioning criteria that support a corporate naming strategy – supporting the parent brand in addition to the named entity itself. Those decisioning criteria are the basis of every name we create. And they ensure that decisions will be based on pre-determined, brand-advancing objectives (never a whim or gut instinct). And they result in the selection of a name that aligns with other names in the corporate namescape to advance the brand.

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For clients with multiple naming needs – or with a namescape in need of greater strategic order and clarity – we may recommend Namescape Strategy Development: creating a brand-wide strategy for naming, before creating the names themselves.

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