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The Naming Group partners with leading brands to develop names and bring strategic clarity to the corporate naming process.

A sampling of our work:



Mission: We were thrilled to be approached by an upstart with what wasn’t just a new product brand, but a revolutionary new snack: hulless popcorn. It’s naturally smaller, less harsh on the digestive system, and therefore much more snackable than the popcorn of old. We set out to create a name that would define the product – and a new breed of snack – in an evocative way.

Accomplished: We established that the most compelling emphasis was on the snack’s lightness, in stature and nutrition. Pipcorn stood out as a name that says what it is: a diminutive yet peppy spin on popcorn – in a surprising and compelling (and fun!) way. And beyond the new popcorn itself, the Pip prefix nicely lent itself to the corporate name: Pipsnacks. Look for Pipcorn to pop up on shelves near you.

/ Beautiful Pipcorn identity and packaging design work by Freddy Taylor /


Resolution Dental

Mission: Kool Smiles is a leading brand of dental providers in the US, specializing in accessible dental care for kids. We were charged with creating a name for their new concept: taking the same friendly, high-quality care and making it relevant to older, young-adult audiences. A sleek and laid back environment seeks to engage and reassure patients with a novel dentist office experience, and the name needed to do the same.

Accomplished: Resolution is a fresh and visually evocative take on the dentist expierience. The name evokes a crisp, clear image – like the photos that will adorn the high-gloss interiors of the new facilities – and like the shining teeth customers can expect from their quality dental care. It also says resolve: an “I can” attitude to motivate young adults to come in, take care of their smiles, and feel assured by the experience.



Mission: Sony Electronics developed a high-end series of home entertainment furniture and accessories, delivering smooth, stylish design to complement smart functionality: invisible mounts, swivel mechanisms, and conveniently intuitive design. The offerings complement all home entertainment brands and needed a cohesive identity to align and elevate the portfolio in a way that would stand out in the bustling home entertainment department.

Accomplished: The Naming Group worked with Sony to hone a positioning strategy, developing a crystallized naming strategy: capturing both the form and function of the brand in a name that accentuates the upscale tone and smart design of the product line. PROFORMA does just that, emphasizing professional-grade furniture that brings elegant design into your home.

/ Identity created by award-winning designer, J. Kenneth Rothermich and Carli Heggen /



Mission: PUMA needed a name and brand platform for their new, revolutionary lightweight shoe technology targeting their urban contemporary "sportlifestyle" demographic.

Accomplished: Speaking to the lightweight quality of the shoe (weighing in at a mere 173 grams!), the beauty of the name L.I.F.T. is that it can stand alone as a name. Being an acronym which speaks to the unique production method (Light Injected Foam Technology) only strengthens the name.



Mission: The way most companies go about hiring all too often lacks a clear vision – and process – for finding the best candidates. And when there IS as systematized approach to hiring, it’s often tough to standardize throughout the organization. We were approached by entrepreneurs with a product that changes that: an online hiring software system that helps companies hire smarter. They needed a name that captured a focus of continuously improving the way companies grow.

Accomplished: In a world of competitors that use very descriptive naming conventions, stressing words like “hire”, “workforce”, and “resume” – we sought to find competitive whitespace that would help support an image of the brand’s fresh approach to hiring. Greenhouse was born and does just that: suggestively capturing the software’s role as an incubator for talent with a friendly, accessible, and pro-growth message.

EPSON BrightLink

EPSON BrightLink

Mission: EPSON needed a name for their revolutionary, new interactive projector. This projector is an industry game-changer in that it eliminates the need for an interactive whiteboard (IWB). A true missing link to the educational equation, it allows schools with limited budgets who can't afford IWB's to be connected to innovative learning experiences.

Accomplished: BrightLink evocatively captures the core benefit of the projector: connecting students with interactive content via this (literally) bright link. With an emphasis on bright design and equally bright outcomes, the name projects an energy that suits the dynamism of teachers who use BrightLink to revolutionize the classroom experience.



Mission: Since 2009 we have partnered with Kohler not only to develop names for many of their most innovative new releases, but also to evolve their very approach to naming brandwide. The objective: move to a more relevant and differentiated naming convention and help Kohler’s brand names better support their BOLD positioning and product design aesthetic.

Accomplished: The many names we've developed for Kohler include ELEVANCE for their innovative rising-wall bath, REFINIA and ALTEO for lines of premium bathroom fixtures – and additional names will be launched soon. Consistent with Kohler's refined strategy for naming brandwide, each name imparts a deeper meaning than the beauty on the surface: replacing a category-ubiquitous trend of empty vessel place- and heritage-inspired names with more meaningful and evocative expression.

Chevrolet Sonic



Mission: The first of many names created in our ongoing partnership with GM: developing a dynamic, globally evocative name to re-energize their Chevrolet Aveo model - one that captures the jazzy aesthetic of the reengineered design.

Accomplished: Introducing Sonic. It's fast, energetic, literally loud, and helping Chevy stand out in the global crowd - while at the same time synergistically meshing with the new class of action-oriented Chevy models. The car (literally) launched with a youthful, action-packed campaign that could only be born from a name like Sonic, and it hit the streets with gusto in 2012.


Chevrolet Spin


Mission: Another of our global assignments for Chevrolet was bringing this people mover to life with a name that captures driving excitement and the capacity for families to do more - all in a way that resonates Chevy's heritage with audiences in a diversity of countries, beginning with Brazil and Argentina.

Accomplished: We developed the name Spin – a name that quickly imparts speed, energy, spinning wheels, and taking a spin: boldly answering the need for a car that thrives amid life's hectic juggling act. Spin does so in a way that's as impactful to Spanish and Portuguese (and a number of other international language) speakers as it is in English. And like other new names in their portfolio – Sonic, Cruze, Spark, and more names to come – Spin's compact phonetics and bold, motive energy advance the Chevy namescape beautifully.



Juicy Juice Fruitifuls

Mission: Responding to increased awareness of the detriments of too much sugary juice – and parental demand for less-sweet alternatives – Nestle's Juicy Juice developed a new spin on their 100% juice product: made with pure water added, and therefore less sugar, but retaining a much-valued full serving of fruit. The name needed to emphasize fun, refreshing juice, while supporting Juicy Juice’s all-natural and fruit-filled heritage.

Accomplished: Before naming, we honed alignment around key message objectives, ultimately concluding that the full serving of fruit is still the #1 customer motivator; and “fruitful refreshment” was therefore the target takeaway. Fruitifuls was a natural choice, as it clearly accentuates a juice that’s full of fruit. And the play on “beautiful” isn’t only catchy, but it also embodies the playfully refreshing lightness of an all-natural drink with 35% less sugar.


Juicy Juice Fruit for All

Mission: Nestle's Juicy Juice brand has long been known for its commitment to delivering wholesome, nutritious, and fruit-filled juice to kids across America. Their new initiative seeks to reinforce that commitment by helping struggling families have access to that all important part of a healthy diet.

Accomplished: Through our partnership with Nestle, we developed the Fruit for All name that defines this important initiative. It captures the fun, playful, "free for all" energy that healthy kids embody, while at the same time making the bold statement that good fruit should be available to ALL children, and that Juicy Juice is committed to making that happen. And the "fruit" emphasis reinforces the brand's "Fruit Promise" platform - honing a namescape that strategically supports the brand story.



Mission: When Solar Works and Solar Wrights, two of the largest alternative energy companies in the Northeast, merged, they needed a new name - and one that didn't limit them to solar power.

Accomplished: We developed the name Alteris Renewables - an elegant, uplifting and phonetically precise way to say "alternative."

Dow Jones


Mission: Dow Jones was looking to name a new financial career resource website as part of The Wall Street Journal online. The objective was to create a name for a site that would not only act as a job posting board but that would provide inside information on trends in the financial industry and "help guide you through the finance job market and propel your career."

Accomplished: We developed the name which acts as a strong double entendre in that "fins" is short for "financial" and speaks to the idea of steering and propulsion.