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The Namescape

a corporation’s entire portfolio of named entities, and how they interrelate to support one another and the overarching brand.

Every brand has a namescape. The collection of names that define products, services, models, varieties, sizes, colors, employee titles, ticker symbols…anything with a name is part of the namescape.

But few brands recognize that their namescape is the most fundamental component of the brand platform. The collection of names that create the brand’s first impression at every customer touch point.

Fewer still have a strategic plan in place to proactively ensure that every name in their namescape plays a collaborative role in weaving a cohesive brand story. That’s why The Naming Group exists.

We help corporations seize the naming opportunity – and take advantage of the power of the namescape to advance brand meaning.

At The Naming Group, we are uniquely focused on namescape-centric naming. It’s changing the way companies think about their brand names.

We’re working to help companies see naming in this light, and to start taking the steps needed to seize the opportunity:

Dedicating a page in the brand handbook to the role of and approach to naming throughout the organization.

Honing an internal culture that values the power of naming strategically – and the key role names play in the brand platform.

Developing a consistent process, and airtight criteria against which every name is developed and decisioned.

Partnering with naming agencies in ongoing relationships – treating every name as part of a contiguous story – never an isolated tactic.


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