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Namescape Strategy Development

Names are far too often developed in isolation: fulfilling the immediate need to label individual products, but ignoring their greater opportunity to collectively strengthen a corporation's namescape. The ultimate result is a more anarchic process to name creation, and, in turn, a more disjointed namescape brandwide.

During Namescape Strategy Development, we engage with the executive leadership of corporations to define brandwide naming opportunities, and improve the naming perception, process, and ultimately product (the names themselves) within the organization – answering the central question of how naming can be used to advance the brand before naming decisions are made.

Namescape Strategy Development is necessary for any brand undergoing a shift in direction, or any corporation whose portfolio of names are not cohesively working to advance the intended brand meaning. It’s an opportunity for corporations to innovate the way they approach naming – making it work harder for their brands. We do it in three phases: Diagnosis, Prescription, and Namescape Planning.

The most essential deliverable is a page within the brand handbook with a vision and approach to how names are developed and decisioned brandwide. And more broadly, clients benefit from a more organized and strategically purposeful approach to the brand opportunity naming represents.

+ Diagnosis

+ Prescription

+ Namescape Planning

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