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Why clients work with The Naming Group



To see if we are the right agency for your brand, read about the three biggest reasons corporations partner with The Naming Group:

1. A need for names
Companies in need of strategic clarity and creative energy for a new name hire us for Name Development.

  • First, we build alignment around the brand objectives and the strategic criteria on which to base the decision
  • Second, we create names that meet these objectives and conduct evaluative screenings to ensure their success

2. A need for order
Namescape Strategy Development establishes a brandwide plan for naming within corporations that release numerous named offerings, solving many recurring issues:

  • Difficulty building internal alignment on name decisions
  • Inefficient, multiple-round naming projects
  • A namescape that's disorganized and/or doesn't tell a cohesive brand story

3. Name-driven brand evolution
For brands striving to occupy a new position in the market, Namescape Strategy Development instills a new plan for naming that guides and accelerates the process:

  • A reactive need to fix an obsolete naming strategy
  • A proactive effort to advance the brand articulation through stronger naming

Working with The Naming Group means thinking about naming in a new way - and embracing the importance of the namescape within your brand strategy. Sound like a good fit? Let's get started today.



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