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The Naming Group & Endmark Announce Strategic Transatlantic Partnership

New York, NY / Cologne, Germany – March 9, 2012 – Two leading independent naming agencies in Europe and the US have announced a strategic naming partnership. The Naming Group, based on New York City’s Madison Avenue, serves international clients, but focuses primarily on the North American market. Endmark, located in Cologne, Germany and Vienna, Austria, also serves naming clients all over the word, but focuses on Central Europe.

When Nina Beckhardt, president & founder of The Naming Group and Bernd Samland, head and founder of Endmark first met in New York in 2011, both decided that an open exchange of insights and best practices would strengthen the value of each agency’s work, particularly to international clients.

“During our initial conversations, we quickly realized a depth of shared values and strategic philosophies between our agencies,” said Samland. “Both agencies prioritize the role of objective, culturally-sensitive strategy in the naming process.” Endmark focuses on testing names using neuro-marketing science to ensure effective communication. The Naming Group focuses on the strategic role of each name within a corporate namescape to inform development and decisioning of name candidates.

”More and more corporations are appreciating the value of developing brands that transcend countries and cultures, making a cross-cultural naming strategy all the more essential,” said Nina Beckhardt. “In the past, brands were able to take a different shape in each market they entered, but the shrinking world is making a single voice all the more valuable to brand strength globally.”

The partnership between Endmark and The Naming Group will focus on trading naming insights and best practices during routine naming “powwows”, as well as the exchange of linguistic assessments of clients’ name candidates by experts at each agency.

“Even if the American and European marketing world is dominated by the same global players in many parts, there are cultural differences to obey when you want to succeed with your brand name,” says Samland. “It’s long been our process to screen our clients’ global name candidates with in-market linguists. But the quality of the insights is greatly elevated when working with a team of naming experts. Beyond looking at the lingual nuances of each name, we share insights specific to naming strategy that those who aren’t in our field may not consider.”"

Other multinational, full-service branding agencies benefit from international offices to inform development of brands that will live across international borders. This newly formed partnership helps Endmark and The Naming Group compete with publicly-traded agency networks, while retaining the distinct advantages of a narrow naming specialization, and independent operations.

Beyond a value to the agencies’ international clients, both parties see the partnership strengthening the naming industry as a whole, paving the way for greater understanding of the growing need to engage experts with a focus on the nuanced strategies of naming in a global marketplace. Beckhardt said, “a name is an opportunity to represent meaning across cultures where ad copy and product experience may not be so consistent. Our partnership delivers clients the confidence that a greater depth of cultural awareness is built into every global name we create.”

About The Naming Group:
The Naming Group is an NYC-based brand naming agency, founded in 2009. The agency develops brand naming strategies and the names that support them for leading brands that include Sony, GM, Nestle, and Capital One. The Naming Group developed the name Venture for Capital One and Sonic for Chevrolet.

About Endmark:
Endmark was founded in 1994 in Cologne Germany and has a branch office in Vienna, Austria. Endmark is developing names and naming systems for clients like Volkswagen, Daimler, Siemens, Bayer, Steelcase an many others. Their newest car name MOKKA for OPEL’s brand new compact SUV will be introduced this week on the 82nd International Geneva Motor Show.

For More Information:
Nina Beckhardt, The Naming Group, 212-802-1422,
Dr. Bernd Samland, Endmark, +49 221 942 033 50,